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Print Summit 2015
will deliver to the theme of
Collaborate - Innovate - Celebrate!
The line-up of speakers is exemplary and enriching. The Key Note powerful. The content, programming, entertainment and hospitality are all tweaked and made-ready to keep your date for the Summit memorable and time well spent.
Creative Thinking for Innovation by Prof. Samish Dalal
Innovation is the mantra for survival in the 21st century. But is Innovation only for giant organizations? Is it only about big investments? Is it only about things that we simply imagine, but cannot do? So then - what is Innovation?
Innovation is born when there is resource constraint and where the needs are increasing everyday… Let's talk more about it…at Print Summit 2015. >> Register today!
Prof. Samish Dalal specialises in the field of Negotiation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is associated with the Family Managed Business (FMB) programme at SPJIMR. Samish is a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Queensland, Australia and has travelled the world for business and education. He has provided consultancy to a wide variety of organisations ranging from mid-sized corporates to mid-sized family businesses, from privately held trusts to public trusts. His area of consultancy includes finance and general management. His case studies have been published in leading publishing houses.
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